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Post by NotSoNalyd on Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:27 pm

Steam Username: NotSoNalyd

Steam ID: I assume you don't need it as i am on your friends list


Do you own a microphone? Yes

Garry's Mod Hours: 43

Time you can be on in a week daily : every day (after school of course)

Why should we choose you? I feel like i would be a good addition to the server, and i really want it to be successful

Have you ever been banned on this server? No

Have you ever been caught/demoted for abusing your powers? Never

What would you do if someone was RDMing? I would take them away from the other people on the server and have a word with them; then i would warn them if guilty.

Someone is Mass-RDMing what do you do? Instant perma ban

Someone is propkilling what do you do? I would warn them and if it repeats kick them. And if it still continues to happen, temp ban of 1-7 days

People are building on the roads what would you do? Tell them not to and why, then remove/ tell them to remove it and not do it again.

Someone is spamming chat what do you do ? Tell them to stop, if they don't gag/gimp them.

Someone is bullying other players what do you do? Tell them not to and warn them.


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