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MCG Nexus Application

Post by MCGNEXUS on Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:54 pm

Steam Name = MCG Nexus
What code languages are you proficient in? = lua/txt
Age = 6/15/1998
How active are you daily? = I will be on from about 6-12 hours a day for about 4-7 days a week.
Why should we choose you to join our Development Team? = I have lots of coding, staff, and community experience. I have worked with Triple-X before as manager of his old DarkRP server from Exodus Gaming. Since then the community has been shut down. I am a quick learner, so if there is anything I need to learn I can catch on fast. I have coded at least 4 servers. I am starting to learn custom Garry's Mod custom coding so I can create custom content. When I have reached a point where I can code things all from complete scratch, I will be very useful. I am a born leader, so I can handle just about all situations. I continue to become better as a coder. I also have quite a few of coderhire content as well. (From past servers or bought myself) I can get people to join this group, and I can get the to donate and get their friends to donate as well. I am a very useful person to have on the development team. I know I am not "top of the line", but I can get lots of things done. I hope you take me into consideration. Thank you
Examples of your work = I have coded at least 4 or more servers. It usually is jobs, but I do know way more coding for Garry's Mod. The reason it is mostly jobs is because I want to save all my skills for the right place. When I was contacted by Triple-X about a new community, I knew it was time. I want to put my skills to work. I have spent hours and hours learning coding for Garry's Mod. I can put time into working for this community. I hope you give me that chance.


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