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Post by Admin on Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:32 pm

Part 1: Global Rules

1.1 Any threats or attempts (regardless of success) at sabotaging/inflicting harm to members, property or reputation of Singularity Gaming is strictly prohibited.
1.2 Use of hacks or other similar scripts/programs to gain an unfair advantage is forbidden.
1.3 Exploitation of bugs to your benefit or the benefit of others is strictly forbidden. If a bug is found, it should be reported to an admin in-game or on Steam immediately.
1.4 When someone is violating the rules and an admin is not present, do not take it upon yourself to break rules in order to stop them. Try and contact an admin or wait it out.
1.5 No discrimination of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, sex, age, race, sexual orientation or religion.
1.6 Do NOT impersonate a SFTx Community staff member.

Part 2: Admin Situation Rules

2.1 Upon indication (Being phys-gunned, teleported, jailed, frozen) that you are in an admin situation, you must drop all activity and direct full attention to the admin.
2.2 You MUST reply to a staff member's questions and cooperate with the issue at hand.
2.3 When asked to provide information on an incident, you must provide the complete truth. Any intention to pervert the staff member's justice is prohibited.
2.4 While an admin situation is in progress, players who have not witnessed the issue or are not related to the issue must vacate the area. Those who feel they know something.
that may help may privately message an admin.
2.5 The staff member's word is final. If this is abused, you may file an abuse report.
2.6 If a staff member is being abusive, do not confront or attempt to punish them. Relay the information and proof to a superadmin.
2.7 Use @[message] to contact staff members. Staff will respond to OOC and PM requests, messages sent in the proper format will be given priority.
2.8 Make sure you have evidence and a situation for staff to look at before you contact an admin. Any false reports will be dealt with severely.
2.9 Do NOT backseat moderate/administrate.

Part 3: Main DarkRP rules

New Life Rule (NLR)
The New Life Rule is a concept in DarkRP implemented to incorporate death.
3.1 New Life Rule is always in effect. When you have died:
- Do NOT return to the area in which you were killed for 5 minutes.
- Do NOT continue the objective or action you were doing prior to death for 5 minutes.
- Do NOT hint, tell others or let others know you have died.
- Do NOT hold a grudge on your killer for any reason.
- You MUST forget about your past life.
- You can get permission from your killer to return to your deathzone. But raids are not included.
3.2 NLR is reciprocal; The Killer must forget about the past as well.
- If you kill someone in a raid or mug, you may not raid or mug them for 5 minutes.
3.3 NLR is exempt from the following situations.
- If PD is getting raided, cops MAY return to the PD.
- Death by RDM.
- Death by Self Prop Kill.
- Death by fail RP.
- Death by drug overdose during jail time.
- Death by admin punishment.
3.4 Executed players in jail by the government must be released to obey NLR.
- Metagaming. (Check part 10 for more detail.)
- Metagaming is using information obtained outside of your character's knowledge and acting upon it in character.
3.5 Metagaming is NOT allowed.
3.6 All chats MUST be for their intended usage.
3.7 Do NOT Fail RP.
3.8 Do NOT violate laws for police attention. (excluding Bugbait.)

Part 4: Killing Rules

General Killing Reasons:

4.1 You MAY kill anyone harming your life, freedom and property that you unwillingly surrender.
4.2 You MAY kill anyone that trespasses your property.
4.3 You MAY kill anyone for committing actions in 4.1 and 4.2 against the people you base with.

Vendor Classes Reasons:

4.4 You MAY kill anyone that loiters or disrupts your store's buisness, provided you have given warnings.
4.5 You MAY kill anyone committing offences under "General Killing Reasons" against your customers.

Raiding Classes:

4.6 You MAY kill anyone that runs away from your mug.
4.7 You MAY kill anyone who owns the base you are raiding.
4.8 You MAY kill anyone who interferes with the progression of your raids, provided you have warned them.
4.9 You MAY kill police at checkpoints to avoid weapon searches.
4.10 You MAY kill anyone if you are a hitman and your victim has a valid hit on them.
Government Classes:

4.11 You MAY kill anyone in jail, provided the mayor has given the execution order in the laws.
Part 5: Property Rules

5.1 NO crouch, climb, parkour, jump, obstacle course or fading floor bases.
5.2 Do NOT build on property that does not belong to you.
5.3 All doors in a piece of property is owned by the owner of the front most door.
5.4 ALWAYS buy the front door of a property before building.
5.5 You are legally responsible for the following:
- Text Screens
- Buttons
- Doors
- Signs
5.6 NO fake keypads.
5.7 Keypads MUST hold doors for at least 5 seconds.
5.8 Keypads MUST be clearly distinguishable for which door it opens.
5.9 Sky bases MUST be supported, they cannot float.
5.10 Citizens that create gambling games can have floating props for obstacle causes, their custom job name MUST be set to gambler with the /job command.
5.11 Do NOT shoot through 1-way materialized props.
5.12a Building in public areas is ONLY permitted in the case that the builder/builders own all the property behind their build.
5.12b When building in public areas you must NOT fully restrict access to an area.
5.13 Do NOT spam knock on doors.
5.14 Do NOT be an estate agent.
5.15 Storage boxes can have only one keypad.
5.16 You MAY only have 3 fading doors per property.
5.17 Each player is restricted to a maximum of TWO properties.

Part 6: Raiding Rules

6.1 Raids and mugs CAN be performed only by the mafia gangs and other jobs helping them.
6.1a Thieves assisting with raids do not need to follow the standard rules for the job.
6.1b Medics CANNOT assist in the actual raid and can only heal after the raid is done.
6.2 Thieves CANNOT raid , but they can steal from someone without adverting it.
6.3 Thieves can ONLY shoot in self defense when stealing.
6.4 You CANNOT raid/mug the same person over and over again for harrassment.
6.5 You CANNOT mug for more than $15000.
6.6 Muggings and raids MUST be adverted.
6.7 There MUST be at least 3 people raiding the mayor.
6.8 You CAN one man raid anything else.
6.9 You CANNOT build edit or delete anything on your property until a raid on your property is over.

Part 7: Props and Tools Rules

7.1 You CANNOT prop push, climb, surf or spam.
7.2 Do NOT text screen words or phrases against server rules.
7.3 Do NOT create prop experiments.
7.4 You CANNOT prop block people, cameras, property or public areas.
7.5 You CANNOT fading door abuse. (e.g. using number pad to open keypads.)
7.6 You CANNOT spawn cameras to spy on people or bases.
7.8 You CANNOT spawn unnecessary structures or props to be annoying. (e.g. breaking watermelons or eggs, giant dick models.)
7.9 Do NOT spawn props in jail.
7.10 Do NOT use the no collide tool to walk through walls intended to be collided.
7.11 Do NOT have invisible props. Props must have 51% visibility or more, subject to admin discretion.

Part 8: Job Specific Rules


8.1 The Mayor MUST set laws.
8.2 The Mayor CANNOT have ridiculous laws. (e.g. it is illegal to breathe.)
8.3 The Mayor MUST follow his own laws. (He must add Government Immunity to break the laws.)
8.4 Immunity CANNOT be given for money printers and murder.
8.5 The Mayor CANNOT be raided for 5 minutes after being voted in.
8.6 "Everything illegal" refers only to guns and drugs. Everything else must be individually stated.
8.7 Maximum bail and gun license price is $1000 but neither have to be offered.

8.8 Do NOT abuse the stunstick. (i.e hitting people for no reason, hitting people upwards.)
8.9a Do NOT weapon check for no reason.
8.9b You CAN weapon check if you see someone buy a "toy" "fake" "plastic" etc. weapon. You must see this weapon.
8.10 Before entering foreign property, you must have reasonable grounds to do so, or a search warrant.
8.11 If illegal, police must AOS bugbait; They can only kill them if the hobos are in an unreachable area.
8.12 Police MAY arrest for obstruction of justice if they warn.
8.13 Police MAY only kill if their target is threatening the life of themself or other people or if the target is raiding the PD/Mayor.
8.14 Police CANNOT be corrupt.
8.15 Police MUST try to the best of their ability to address all crimes and reports, not just their friends' reports.
8.16 The police CANNOT bait criminals into doing illegal things. For example, a cop cannot ask a drug dealer for weed and then arrest them. However, cops can be neutral during.
questioning to open up a criminal. (i.e. Ask a heavy weapons dealer what they are selling, and if they admit to selling big guns then you MAY arrest.)
8.17 Police MAY warrant people for printer fires, explosions, and gunshots within a base.
8.18 Police MAY only arrest when a crime is in progress, or if the target is wanted.
8.19 Police CANNOT blow down doors for no reason.
8.20 The police MUST enforce the mayors laws and listen to all of the mayor’s orders, provided the mayor acts within the rules.
8.21 The mayor’s guard MUST be with the mayor at all times.
8.22 The mayor CANNOT give a mayor’s guards orders to enforce laws.
8.23 The mayor’s guard may ONLY arrest and kill to protect and enforce crimes directly pertaining to the mayor.
8.24 The government MAY put up a weapon check station around the city.
8.25 Cops may NOT sell weapons obtained as evidence.
8.26 Hobos are exempt from the curfew laws.
8.27 Cops are allowed any guns no matter what the laws say.


8.28 Hitmen & Assassin's are allowed to share bounties but not required to. If they who claims the kill does not split the money but agrees to beforehand, it is against the rules.
8.29 If a hitman or Assassin is killed going after a certain player, you must wait 5 minutes before trying again due to NLR.
8.30a A hitman/assassin CAN be hired by individuals to kill cops that their clients were arrested by. Hitmen cannot take action against cops that arrest them, unless they change jobs
8.30b You CANNOT place a hit then complete the hit you placed.
8.31 Hitmen & Assassin's can ONLY be hired to do hits. They can't go around raiding freely like the other criminals.
8.32 Assassin can be hired but has to advertise "HIRED" in chat.
8.33 The Assassin can Raid and base. The hitman cannot do either.

8.32 You MUST sell to everyone unless they have done something to wrong you, this must be reasonable.
8.33 Do NOT self supply. (Switching to vendor classes for the sole purpose of buying yourself gear, then switching back.)
8.34 Black market dealer items are ALWAYS illegal.
8.35 You CANNOT scam people.

8.36 Sewer Dwellers may own doors as long as they are within the Sewer.
8.37 Sewer Dwellers can mug and Kidnap.
8.38 Hobos CANNOT own doors.
8.39 Hobos CAN be petty thieves.
8.40 Hobos can ONLY own knives, if they acquire guns through theft, they must sell them.
8.41 Hobos CAN build on the street, but they may not occupy large spaces or break the building rules listed above.
8.42 Hobos CAN perform with their real life voices/instruments.


[X] You cannot raid, mug or kidnap but you may assist on any.
[X] You can base with criminals and work alongside them.


8.43 The Mafia Boss and Mafia are automatically considered allies.
8.44 A Mafia boss CAN base with other criminals, but MUST allow his allies to join him.
8.45 A Mafia boss CANNOT betray his/her mafia, vice versa.


8.46 Anyone who chooses not to be any of the classes in the F4 menu is considered a citizen.
8.47 A citizen MAY use /job to change their job to a custom one.
8.48 Custom jobs may NOT violate the server rules. "Serial Killer" is not an option.
8.49 Custom jobs may NOT serve the same purpose as the job classes in the F4 menu.
8.50 If you are one of the distinct classes above, you are allowed to change your job title. However, you are ultimately responsible to carry out the original job that you
are roleplaying. (I.E A gundealer can change their name to toy seller. But they must sell guns anyway.)

Part 9: Donator specific rules

9.1 Donators are NOT administrators. They have no leverage on any altercation or rule breaking. A staff member is the only enforcer of the rules.
9.2 Donators are NOT exempt from any rules.
9.3 Donators are equal to everyone. Bigotry is not allowed.
9.4 Donators that abuse their jobs will result in their status being removed.

Part 10: Staff Rules:

10.1 Do NOT goto or bring a staff member of the same or higher rank than you WITHOUT permission.
10.2 Do NOT use your moderator powers on other moderators or higher.
10.3 Do NOT punish other mods/staff. It is NOT your job. Just gather evidence and report it to a member of Head Management.
10.4 Do NOT spawn props or build while on duty. If you're on duty, then do your duties.
10.5 Do NOT RP while you are on duty.
10.6 Do NOT go onto other servers to troll, this can give the community a bad name.
10.7 All mod/admin sits MUST be taken completely seriously.
10.8 All ban/kick reasons MUST be detailed. Do NOT make ban/kick reasons things like, "Bye" or "Go away" and such.
10.9 During a mod/admin sit, you MUST make sure the player understands what they have done wrong.
10.10 Avoid using your moderators while off-duty without a valid reason.
10.11 Do NOT mess around at all while on duty.
10.12 Do NOT fly players around/bring players unless they need to speak to you about a problem they have.
10.13 You MUST have valid proof or you must have witnessed someone breaking the rules before you punish them.
10.14 If you see another staff member doing something they shouldn't, you MAY tell them that they cannot do it, but you must NOT punish them.
10.15 Do not interrupt mentoring.

These rules apply to staff members/mods.

Part 11: Extra Information

Always Illegal:

- Money Printers.
- Killing Others.
- Paying hitmen for hits.

Always In Effect:

- Government Immunity to Gun Laws.
- Lockdowns are AOS after 30 seconds upon initiation.


- Using Models to assume people's identity.
- Using OOC for RP Information.
- Seeing printer sparks through walls.
- Remembering someones name after losing sight for 30 seconds.

Not metagaming:

- Hearing Chats through walls
- Hearing Explosions through walls
- Assuming models of hobo and government classes


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