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Staff Application

Post by Herofine on Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:20 pm

Steam Username: Herofine

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:72824956

Age:14 (well 14 on 11th of march)

Do you own a microphone?Yes I like never have it plugged in

Garry's Mod Hours:1300 (yes it's true check my Profile if u don't believe me

Time you can be on in a week daily : almost all day (besides bed and School)

Why should we choose you? Im a loyal person to the Server and the Owner Always. I'm Very experianced. I am Used to being Manager so i can train staff. I am Nice. I luv u <3. and i try to never break any rules

Have you ever been banned on this server? Nope

Have you ever been caught/demoted for abusing your powers? Nope

What would you do if someone was RDMing? Bring them to a chosen location to talk it out and if guilty = warn

Someone is Mass-RDMing what do you do? i would Ban for 1-2 hours

Someone is propkilling what do you do? I would Warn if he does it again i would kick because propkilling is more serious

People are building on the roads what would you do?Warn them and remove the props

Someone is spamming chat what do you do ? I would gimp because it's funnier than Muting and It's a Punishment at the same time <3

Someone is bullying other players what do you do? I would Warn for Player Disrespect Because i hate bullying on the Internet and IRL lol! flower afro jocolor ( yes i just chose random smilies because im cool xD


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