[]Night's Application[]

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[]Night's Application[]

Post by Night on Sat Mar 12, 2016 4:40 pm

Name:Night [If you want my steam name i will give it to you]

Steam ID:I will give to the person who needs it.


Do you own a microphone?Yes but it is broken Im getting a new one tho.

Garry's Mod Hours:404 Gettin more tho and i have 1000+ On a tf2 jb server which im admin on.

Time you can be on in a week daily :3+

Why should we choose you? Well you should choose me beacuse im a good staff member i will give
up my time on other servers for this server and I will try to donate.I will do all that I can to benift this awsome server.I love it so far an will do!I have also have over 400 hours on a TF2 jailbreak as admin.Also i have had Super admin,Admin,Mod expirence on may servers and games.

Have you ever been banned on this server?No. Nerver ever.

Have you ever been caught/demoted for abusing your powers?NEVER

What would you do if someone was RDMing?Well First of all i always get to the area that its happining
then I would freeze the person whos doing it then listen to people near by.Then I would give the warning to the player who did it and if they did it again it would be a kick.

Someone is Mass-RDMing what do you do?I would bring them to a private area freeze them.Then give them a warning and if they rdmed one more time it would be a temp ban.

Someone is propkilling what do you do?Freeze the player bring them to a priv area.Warn them and then say "Don't ever Prop Kill again or there will be punishments" If they did it again it would be a kick

People are building on the roads what would you do?Ask them to remove it.If they dont remove i remove it my self and not bother other staff.If they don't stop i warn them.And then a kick after the warning like after i warned them if they kept on building it jail them for 5 min or a kick

Someone is spamming chat what do you do?Tell them them to stop then if they are still doing it i mute or gag.But before the Mute/Gag a warning

Someone is bullying other players what do you do?Obviusly i tell the play never to bully a player then i would warn them and if it carrys on i jail or gag or mute them.If its that bad its a kick.I do this beacuse i hate bullys!

Thanks for reading Night.


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Re: []Night's Application[]

Post by SoFlo Antonio on Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:30 am

Accepted Smile

SoFlo Antonio

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