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Staff Aplicaton

Post by Lelesiusn on Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:32 pm

Steam Username:lelesiusn

Steam ID:|STEAM_0:0:50791224


Do you own a microphone?Yes

Garry's Mod Hours:442

Time you can be on in a week daily :3hr

Why should we choose you? Im a god admin not a bad like those who just insta ban or kick and i dont just talk and dont let them say what they think happend.

Have you ever been banned on this server?NEVER

Have you ever been caught/demoted for abusing your powers?NEVER

What would you do if someone was RDMing?Warning

Someone is Mass-RDMing what do you do?Ban

Someone is propkilling what do you do?Warning

People are building on the roads what would you do?Warning and remove

Someone is spamming chat what do you do?Mute or gag

Someone is bullying other players what do you do?Mute And Gag


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